Monday, June 4, 2012

Diary of an MUA: Back to Barbados...via pics (Part 1)

I have been meaning to post the rest of my pictures from my trip to Barbados in April but I couldnt find them!  I knew I uploaded them to my laptop from my tablet but when I went looking in my usual folders they were nowhere to be found...well that is because they were uploaded to some ol' random folder I never use.  Thank goodness for the search option...anyway here are some images that I wanted to share.  I will break them up into maybe 3 or 4 posts since there are quite a few.  These are mostly behind the scenes pictures in this post.

we had the pleasure of shooting here one day in this amazing compound which you will see below.  I did NOT want to go inside, you can see why...

this is the is one of my life's missions to become friends with the owners, seriously.  Click here for video of this location.  

this was a cave that led down to the beach

Sometimes you had to catch rest whenever and where ever...
at least he found a bed LOL  but seriously these two guys were some of THE hardest workers I have ever seen.  They deserved those catnaps

this is my buddy Na La, we had so many great conversations in between shooting.  Here he is with a makeshift cup because we ran out of cups on set that day LOL

whatever works!

I showed this house on a video, def not glamorous at all but I think some of the best times on set happened in this little old house

me catching some down time in the back of Auntie Debbie's car...way too hot and I was too worn out to try and make myself look like anything that day LOL

most of our days were spent shooting at this school, St. Catherine's

and one day we had a buddy on set...he would not stay off camera!  

and yes they all needed makeup, styling and hair.  My team was nothing short of amazing.  I love them

a shot of the jib...I hated that jib that day LOL  but it will def help to tell the story visually

You can see some of my other posts about my time in Barbados here and here and here.  Thats it for now.  :)

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