Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Diary of an MUA: Barbados Day 1-My Arrival

First I can't promise a post every day. There is wifi where I'm staying but its a bit spotty and you can cancel it if you think I am going to incur any more roaming charges.  Its a huge hell no.

The people are super nice, very hospitable.  Yes its super warm here but not the irritating kind of heat that we get in the DC area.  They drive on the opposite side of the street so as a passenger I sit on the drivers side of the car.  Funny.  The streets are rather tiny and goat roam quite freely...so free in fact that you may have to slam on breaks to avoid plowing into a pack of them when they run in the street randomly.

Had my first authentic meal and it was soooo good.  Cast and crew are amazing and because there is a 6a call time every day I am going to have to keep this brief and let the pics tell most of the story.

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