Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nicki Minaj x MAC = Pink Friday

This is going to be a quick post as of course I havent tried it just yet but I wanted to show you the lipstick and the swatch and compare it to what I have on hand - yes for some reason I already had 2 pink lipstick tubes in my purse...and a pink opaque lipgloss...and a sheer pink lipgloss...but that besides the point!  FOCUS PEOPLE!  :)  Anyway as you already know Pink Friday is the child of the MAC Collaboration with Nicki Minaj, femme fatale rapper currently taking the industry by storm.  Whether people love her or loathe her she is making her presence known in a huge way.  You dont come out the gate with a MAC collabo, you just dont.  Minaj loves her a pink lip and wants her "Barbz" to be able to rock the look with her.  On to the swatches:

Pink Friday (its a satin in case you were wondering) 'scuse my chipped polish ugh

Swatch of Pink Friday

Swatch of MAC Snob (also a satin) on top and Pink Friday on bottom

Swatch of Lanvin x H&M Rose on top, MAC Snob (middle), Pink Friday (bottom)

First impression - I think it is a very pretty color.  I dont have Pink Nouveau, which it has been compared to a lot so not a dupe for me.  The Lanvin x H&M Rose I can rock with no problem.  It has become one of my go to lip looks.  Snob, while I also love I have to manipulate it in a way that works for me.  I have a feeling Pink Friday will also fit in that category and then some but I am up for the challenge.  

Did you snag a tube of Pink Friday before it sold out?  If so, how do you like it?  Do you think you will wear it in real life or did you just succumb to the hype?  If you missed out, dont forget you have three more chances to join in the mania!  The next 3 Fridays it will be available on the MAC website only.  Remember that they update their site at midnight so I suggest you are online, on your phone, whatever at 12:01a ready to click add to cart.  Good Luck!


  1. All three are such beautiful colors. I gotta wait till this Friday and order my Nicki lipstick. great review!!

  2. how do you wear your pink lipsticks?

  3. @ShaLeena - thank you girl! Make sure you log on early so you can get it this week!

    @Amina - hello dear! *hugs* If I choose a pink that may look a bit shocking then I tone it down with a neutral liner or one in the brown family, MAC Cork or Chestnut, NYX Cocoa or Espresso, apply over gloss, merely dab it on lips or apply gloss over the lipstick, lots of options as you can see :).

    @Kesh - yes I had to put it away for a while, kept reaching for it and its limited edition! I need to conserve. :)

  4. Love the pink. Its just amazing...


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