Friday, December 3, 2010

Recent Deals and Randoms

Did you know that each week Sephora updates its deal/sale section?  Did you know that one week they had the audacity to have 2 NARS shadow duos for only $10???  Do you know that I hopped on that so quick it would make your head spin?  Ok great.  Here is what I picked up:

 NARS Balthazar
  NARS Balthazar Swatch

NARS Wicked

 NARS Wicked swatch
 I also picked up this $5 Sephora Glitter Shimmer Pot
 And this Sephora Collection Colorful Artist Lipstick Palette for $15 - jury is still out on whether this can remain in my kit or not.

So word to the wise, keep your eyes peeled for the Sephora deals, you never what you may luck up on!

Here are some other random purchases and things I have come across lately:

I FINALLY have a new laptop!  I used to have a net-book (the second netbook in less than a year) and I hate them...with a passion.  They don't last and are a waste of money - yeah I said it.  The kids now each have a net-book and my mom took advantage of the faux Black Friday sale that Wal-Mart had in early November and got me this Compaq Presario.  Thanks Mom!
Has anyone seen these?  I ran into them at Walmart - its the new baked line from Black Radiance that includes 4 shadows and I believe 3 new blushes.  I snapped a pic of the ones I wanted to try but for some reason I didnt get them that day and now I cant find them anywhere else.  The particular Wal-Mart I went to is rather far so I wont be back anytime soon.  Hopefully they show up near me soon so I can try the line, especially that blush.

These were the green and pink shadows from the line.  I couldn't figure out why they didn't contain more green and pink, but looked more gold...

I saw this Hollywood Makeup Artist studio kit at Michael's and thought it was too cute and funny.  Y'all know I almost got it right?  LOL  Look at the different faces you can practice on!

Lastly, Cindy had a blog sale recently with some great deals so of course I had to participate.  Here is what I got:

FINALLY!  The infamous M.U.F.E. #92 and it is all that everyone says it is.  Why didn't I get this before?  I try not to feed into hype too much, when you are a makeup lover there is always hype - I would be broke if I gave into everything.

NARS Bellydance
NARS Bellydance swatch
Cindy is such a sweetie - there was an address mix-up so she resent the items to me via priority mail once they were returned to her and she checked the parcel before sending and discovered this happened in transit.  Awwwww man!  To make up for it she sent me another goodie at no extra charge:

Nars Mediteranee!  This has been on my wish list for a while and now its finally mine!  Thanks again Cindy!
M.U.F.E. #92 vs NARS Bellydance eggplant/purple color

Thats all for now!

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