Sunday, April 8, 2012

Diary of an MUA: Barbados Day 6 - Free Time

Week 1 of filming is complete!  The last day on set that week involved a significant increase in the number of cast members but thankfully I am working with a great team, Tanya and Nathania, and they were willing to pitch in as needed.

Saturday was my first day getting to see more of what this beautiful island has to offer.  I am staying in a villa on the east side of the island which is more suburban and yesterday we visited the south side which is a popular tourist location, and the difference was evident.  I was surprised to see TGI Fridays!  I had to locate an ATM that took my card and get my Bajan money, took 3 tries too!  I have to remember not to faint everytime I see the price of something as the Bajan dollar vs the US dollar is 2 to 1.  Makes you feel like you have more money than you do.  Prices are a bit higher here though.

I now have heat rash and my first insect bites but I would not be deterred from the beach!  It was so worth it.  I hadnt planned on getting in the water, was content to lay out and read Hunger Games but I couldnt resist.  See the pics for yourself. 

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