Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Diary of an MUA: Back to Barbados...(Part 2)

More BTS pics!  If your are not viewing this post from a mobile device the images may be super tiny.  My apologies as these were on my phone.   To see more behind the scenes images and video check out yesterday's post which contains all of the links.

One of our camera guys, Michael, working with some of the amazing actors.  We were in this tiny bathroom for this scene
this actress, Makalah, who plays the lead had most of us in tears this day.  She was prepping for a tough scene and in the end she nailed it!  Love her and Auntie Sylvia who is seen here helping her get ready
Some of the crew incl. Na La on sound and PA Cindy who had a cameo that day unbeknownst to her :)
Kacy joined us from Jamaica to get on set experience and was extremely helpful in many ways.  She and I talked Hunger Games any chance we could get!  :)
Marc was the consummate professional on set...and a tough boss to work for!  LOL  
Marc seen here with his mom, our Director Marcia Weekes.  Love both of them
down time = beauty fun!  Julian, PA Extraordinaire with PA Sophia, who also happens to be an amazing dancer
Makalah trying out work behind the camera for a change
she was serious!  :)

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