Thursday, January 20, 2011

2 year Bloggiversary!!!!!!


My my look how time has flown right on by.  I made a mental note to do this grand post in relation to my 2 year blog anniversary and obviously my mind is playing tricks on me because the date of my very first post was yesterday LOL 

The first time I actually posted about a product was January 20, 2009 so lets go with that.  YAY!

This whole blogging process has been quite a journey, from the name change, to the hair change, to what I have done with my makeup artistry to what I still aspire to accomplish.  I feel good that I can go back and revisit some of those memories and I am glad that I was able to share that with you all! 

I recently reached 99 followers in this my little slice of cyberspace and I am definitely grateful for that as well.  I started out just to talk about my love of makeup and never though that I would ever get to 9 followers/friends let alone 99.  That is just crazy to me but again I am truly thankful. 

I have no intention on getting all sappy with this post, I just wanted to acknowledge this time and thank everyone for sticking with me and/or for coming on board recently.  Look for a giveaway once I reach 100 followers, for now I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane with me.

See you soon!

(but not really, this was over the summer but you get the idea)

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