Thursday, January 20, 2011

REVIEW: Sally Hansen Salon Effects

Over the weekend I took a trip to Rite Aid to scope out new products.  I actually did run across a few so I snapped them up...

Black Radiance had these mini sets.  One was a variety of mascara and the other contained the infamous baked blush that I hadnt seen since this trip along with a baked shadow.  I also saw the Sally Hansen Salon Effects.  Fellow beauty buddies snagged some of the more popular ones like the lace and/or fishnet design but I, in my quest to be different, went for the 'Skinny Jeans' design.

Aside from the appeal of the variety of designs which I like to think of being similar to a Minx manicure on a dime, the product makes the claim of lasting for 10 days.  Wonderful!  I couldn't wait to try them out and share the results.  So much so that I filmed myself applying them.  See for yourself below but be warned, I pretty much suck at editing my videos.  Especially when I try to get fancy and combine a variety of elements, that said, during the speed demo be sure to turn your volume down because if not you will just hear a bunch of dubbing noises - irritating I know, but I am a work in progress.  :)


**WARNING!!! If you haven't watched the video reading further will be a spoiler!**

Ok so it has only been 4 days and my nails look a mess.  I only kept them looking this way for the sake of completing this post.  So as we all know 4 is no where near close to fact, my nails began to look bad that same day because right after I made the review vid I did a makeup demo video and thats when they started to peel even more and look all around crazy.  To me if something says "no drying time" then I should be able to do reasonable things, like do makeup without worrying about my nail "polish' coming off...but I digress.  See for yourself...

Varying degrees of foolery here.  I will be doing my nails tonight because I cant take it anymore.  I stand by what I said in the video, if you just want something creative and quick maybe for a night out, then by all means pick these up.  They didn't last 10 days for me though some people have said they work great.. :sideeye.  Some also said they applied clear polish which helped them to last longer...ok great that's fine also BUT no where did it say you had to do that in the instructions or on the packaging.  It is what it is.  I try not to sugar coat things here or say what I think people want to "hear" me say.  Honesty is best in my opinion so that is what I will continue to honest.  :)

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