Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Just Shana: Back to Barbados...The Finale!

As I stated in the last post I was treated to a few days at Bouganvillea Beach Resort as a thank you for my assistance with the film 'Chrissy!'.  The images will tell the remainder of the story, all I can say is I cannot wait to return.  Enjoy and thank you for following the Back to Barbados series.  :)

my room-yes I kept the Do Not Disturb sign on the entire time

headed somewhere...or coming back, I dont know

path to my room

path to the restaurant at the resort

one of those rooms belongs to me!

view at breakfast

I would hang out here too

after breakfast I took a walk on the beach

normally I HATE sand...

but this sand I couldnt get enough of

realizing it was really my last day there  :(

I even did a video (though it is being a pain to upload at the moment)!  A sad mess I was LOL  Definitely missed my family but who would want to leave this place???  I would be a beach bum for real, how can you hold down a normal 9-5 with this place as your backdrop?  It is beyond me.  

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