Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Diary of an MUA: My first music video!

I had to keep my mouth shut on this one for a LONG time but now the video is finally out and I can share it with you all.  :)  I had the opportunity to assist amazing makeup artist Deshawn Hatcher immediately after New York Fashion Week, and when I say immediate I mean it.  She put out the call seeking assistance and I applied not knowing what would come of it.  I had just gotten back to DC at maybe 4a that Thursday and had to turn around and go right back to NY Thursday night/Friday morning because I was not about to miss the opportunity.  Of course no details were given as to what/who it was for and that was fine with me.

This was my first time assisting an artist of her caliber so I wanted to be on my A game.  I arrived early, as I try to do most of the time anyway.  I even had to stall a bit.  I met Deshawn and helped bring her kit, etc. into the city to our location and met the other assistant.  On the ride into the city I tried to ask Deshawn how she likes things to go on set and while she did share some things most I had to use common sense for.  Once the look was determined Deshawn got to work.  My tasks for the day were to set up her work area including makeup, lashes (OMG lash heaven, she had so many!) and her light which she takes with her most if not all the time.  Its a real deal photographers light and it took some time to set up but by the end of the shoot I had it down.  Let me be real here, I was there to A.S.S.I.S.T and I did just that.  The first day on set I did NO makeup aside from touch ups during the club scene.  I was perfectly fine with that.  I used that time to observe everything Deshawn did and to use it as a learning experience.  We were on set for I believe 9-10 hours.

The next day we were doing the scene in the neighborhood and I got to do makeup, yay!  My talent was great to work with and while I didnt get any images of her, time was very important this day, you can see her in the video as she played one of the best friends (it will make sense once you see the vid).

This has been a whirlwind year for me as far as freelancing is concerned complete with ups and downs but thankfully this was definitely an UP moment.  Huge thanks to Deshawn for giving me the chance.  Enjoy the pics and video below.  :)

Esther, musician from France who sings in the song/video, and also plays the love interest in the video

of course Deshawn did her look, these pics are no editing, no filter, taken with my iTouch

one of the best friends, her look was done by the other assistant, Naima

when we were all chatting before getting to work I found out she actually is from here, though now living in NY and we graduated from the same high school.  Small world

hiding out during the club scene

the side of Naima's head

they even had the smoke machine going

2nd day of shooting, Esther shares one of her shoes for the day.  I think Deshawn tweeted this pic that day too.

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