Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I don't get to let loose as much as I used to what with mommy duty, fiance' duty, work, makeup and writing - wherever would I find the time?  Well this past weekend I decided to live a little, plus one of my friends is tying the knot this weekend so of course a celebration was in order, albeit a perfectly timed one.

I started out Saturday with a cancelled client...ok thats fine and we will discuss that at a later date as part of a 'Diary of an MUA' post...that cancellation gave me a bit more time to prepare for a period shoot I had in Georgetown.  The shoot ended up going a bit late so I was unable to make it to my next location - lunch at a local favorite Lauriol Plaza!  I was HIGHLY upset as I do not get to go often but I had to take a big girl pill and make my way on to the next location...Love Nightclub.

I havent been to Love in YEARS!  I dont even know if I have been there since they changed the name from Dream but I digress.  A friend of my P.I.D (partner in drink) Naima and myself, Keyonna, was celebrating her birthday, day party style, so we headed there.  Here are some of the more PG images LOL  Be warned some of them are a bit wonky but I want you to see them for a beauty related reason...

Naima and I-we are the cam whores as u will see

Told  you...and again this is no where near all the pics!  LOL 
Keyonna the birthday girl

Our other PID Rah and Naima

Me and the bride to be, Maisha at Indulj (stop number two for me), I am a bridesmaid and the bride's MUA for the big day!

It was so good to get out and hang with my friends.  We used to do this on the regular but life happens, and kids happen and we grow up.  Such is life but I am glad we can still make time every once in a while to hang and let loose.

On to the beauty...do you see that amazing glow on my cheeks???  Well baybeeeeeee (EmoreJ Couture voice-look closely in that vid and you may see me in my wig days) it is given by a brand that is giving me all kinds of life right now - Ruby Kisses!  WHO KNEW??  I sure didnt.  Get ready for a full on praise-laden review because every single product I have tried has wowed me...and I am not just saying that because they were gifted at the Makeup Show NYC.  If they truly sucked they wouldn't see the light of day on here, trust.

I wanted to look polished but not overdone so I opted for the sunkissed look which truthfully I didnt think I could pull off because I have combo-oily skin but I have perfected my foundation and blush/highlight application.  That coupled with a few trusty products and I was all set for the extreme DC heat, coupled with drinks and a long day.  Products list below:

Thanks for reading!

PS. I owe you one more vid from TMS NYC, I didnt forget!
PPS.  I did my own hair!!! And I owe you a lociversary post
PPPS I made my earrings!  And I love them!  :)

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