Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Diary of an MUA/Writer: The Makeup Show New York Groove Party 2011

Fresh off the heels of the amazing blogger/press preview was the opportunity to attend New York Groove.  A welcome of sorts put on by The Powder Group to give us a chance to mix and mingle with each other with good food, libations and music and to also see the brands in action.

To come away from the event without some form of inspiration was impossible.  Orlando Santiago, who I mentioned in my last post was there rocking a new look (he used to have long locs!) while creating a killer look on a model.  Danessa Myricks came with her model all set to hit the stage, so while you didn't get to see her in action, at least I didn't, the work was there to speak for itself.  Jon Hennesy of Nobasura, who I have also mentioned before created a stunning rendition of a brown smokey look with an unexpected twist...first off he was there on behalf of Inglot and using their new 20 palette which I am now losing sleep over...but the highlight he used on his model...amazing.  I had to inquire about it and come to find out it was a lilac and an off white color, like an eggshell almost, quite possibly Inglot 496 and 493.  Check out the look in the video below.  I was on a mission to recreate it, making it WOC friendly of course and I think I got it!  As you will see in the video plenty of other brands were there creating works of art including Make Up For Ever who created marionettes.  I had to get close up on the most petite one for the eye makeup alone.  Talent indeed.

One of the MAJOR highlights of that evening was when a group of us were sitting around chatting when all of a sudden Reggie Wells joins us with his plate of food and begins to dish all kinds of knowledge and advice...unsolicited I might add!  I wanna say there were about 7or 8 of us in this little circle hanging on his every word.  He gave advice that many would PAY to receive and so of course I will not share it all here however I will leave you with one gem that I have heard time and time again from artists of his caliber...the best education one can receive is at a counter...I will "say" it again - the BEST education one can receive as a makeup artist is AT...A...COUNTER!  You have to be well versed if you wish to succeed and while some have carved a niche of sorts working on and with one client base, its not realistic to think that what worked for them, will in turn work for you also.  Ok one more gem - he doesnt teach classes.  He may have assistants or the like but he believes it isnt art if you are teaching someone your particular style.  He likened it to Monet trying to teach Van Gogh!  GENIUS! 

We each have our own style, which is why there is so much room for all of us to have some level of success.  I wont get all preachy here but know this...there is no need to undercut your peers.  The way you smoke out an eye or cut a crease or paint a red lip will not be the same as your fellow artist.  There is a level of hustle involved but there is no reason to be mean spirited about it.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video and I have one more coming that will put you inside the scene of The Makeup Show itself.  There was so much going on that I am sure I missed somethings BUT I may be able to make it up to you soon...a plan is in the works so stay tuned for that!  Talk soon!

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