Monday, May 23, 2011

Diary of an MUA/Writer: The Makeup Show NYC 2011!

Given that I now wear two hats (MUA & writer) I find I have to be a bit more subdued when it comes to the events and/or products I am invited to cover...well let me tell you something - I threw caution to the wind when it came to The Makeup Show NYC 2011.

A bit of history - I first learned of The Powder Group and the events they offer back in 2007 if I am not mistaken but definitely knew of them in 2008 as that was the first time I attended The Artist Summit.  As a beginning artist that experience meant everything to me.  Not many people were in attendance, at least not when I had arrived and I was able to take full advantage - imagine no line at the Crown Brush booth!  I took maybe 3 classes that day and also a keynote with Michael DeVellis.  I left fully motivated and ready to take on the world of makeup.

My Mom and I

My 1st FX class-he used regular kit items for this!
shadow, lash glue and clear gloss - ONLY!
Editorial beauty with Jon Hennesy
Tattoo Cover w/Orlando Santiago

it was also my first time at Mac Pro NYC
and I still have this bag!

My mom and I again, this makes me want a sew-in...must resist temptation...

Fast forward 3 years and The Powder Group can still give me that kick I need to get in gear.  The Artist Summit is now replaced with The Makeup Show and instead of just one floor takes up most of the space at The Metropolitan Pavilion.  I have grown as an artist, a writer and a person and I truly believe that without Michael DeVellis and The Powder Group team I am not sure where I would be in my career.

This year at The Makeup Show I met some amazing colleagues, got reacquainted with others, and just had the best time.  I do not know what I expected but I did NOT expect to be affected in an emotional capacity, but I truly was and know that throughout this journey I have made lifelong friends.

I was just excited this year as I was walking through those doors for the first time three years ago.  Just as hype about the new products, just as humbled to speak to those artists that I admire.  The Makeup Show is a MUST attend event if you are even THINKING about trying your hand at makeup artistry.  But dont take my word for it - see it for yourself by watching the vid below.  I will be uploading two more videos that take you right into the heart of the show.  So stay tuned!

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