Friday, May 13, 2011

365 Days of Lip Looks-May 12, 2011 f. NYX 'Eucalyptus' lipstick w/MAC Currant liner

I will never forgive myself for missing out on Candy Yum Yum (dramatic much?) So im now on the hunt for a dupe. Nikkia tells me there really isnt one :( Tia searched high and low for hers but my laziness kicked in so I cant do the leg work for it. So alas I must settle for coming close. This will do for now. Enjoy!

Oh and check out these locs! They are doin' the most in terms of growth, we are almost at a year yay! The thing is, its actually longer than it hair tends to curl up into itself causing major shrinkage, ive been told that as the locs get heavier that will change. I will take some comparison photos one day.

And the only makeup i have on today is mascara, the lip and a bit of the lipstick to wake up my myself a break before makeup overload this weekend!
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