Monday, June 8, 2009

T&T Beauty - Bevy of Beauties - Keyonna's Sweet 27th and etc.

So this weekend was supposed to be jam packed for me: 2nd viewing of the movie 'Hard to Find' on Friday (I ended up getting really sick and didnt get to go), 2 clients on Saturday followed by client's birthday party and all day on set Sunday (sitter was unavailable at the last minute so I couldnt make it). Well as we all know the only constant is change so some things fell by the wayside but all in all it was good and still pretty busy.

Saturday I had a lot of running around to do - get my glasses done, stock up kit for Sunday, etc. so on and so forth. I got my foundation from MAC. I was interested to see if they had something comparable to MUFE HD Foundation. A fellow makeup artist and close friend (Hey Tee!) suggested the new Studio Sculpt Foundation. I picked up 4 colors that I knew I didnt currently have in my kit (I mostly use Studio Tech on clients and adjust the coverage as needed). Although MAC had all of the colors on display they actually only had about 6 of the colors in stock. I love the packaging, seems better for packing the kit and more sanitary. I will be sure to let you all know how it performs!

I made it back home to prep for my clients of the day - Keyonna (birthday girl) and Naima (party planner). Keyonna never wears anything more than lipgloss most of the time but was surprisingly very open to color and intensity. I asked Naima beforehand about what Keyonna would like her look to portray for the evening and she suggested a smokey eye would be best. I made sure that is what Keyonna wanted when she arrived and she said she was ok. I opted for a pink smokey eye as she told me that is what colors she was wearing for the night. I used Ben Nye Lumiere pigment in Azalea with Laura Geller hot chocolate baked liner for the eye for the most part along with a MAC color that escapes me right now. NC45 Studio Tech was used to even her skin which didnt need much. I used Tanarama lipstick with Baby Sparks over it and chestnut liner to finish the look. Thank goodness Naima snapped photos because a friend of mine had my camera held hostage that day (thanks Cookie - NOT!) LOL

Keyonna pre-makeover

makeover in progress...

Almost there...
Birthday girl at her party - check her shoes!!!
All smiles :-)

Naima opted for a yellow smokey eye. She is a longtime friend who isnt afraid of color, the more color the better for her. For her I used The Mineralista Skittles collection in Banana Berry along with MAC Chrome Yellow and a MAC pigment that again I cant remember. She is a new mommy so her under eye area was a concern as well as her eyebrows (she hates tweezing and had just gotten a tattoo before she came over so her pain threshold was at the bare minimum when she arrived) so we had to do a bit of shaping and sculpting that I achieved with both MAC Studio Tech in NC45 and NC42 as well as a bit of Black Opal foundation stick (this is a great drugstore brand foundation that is recommended by both Billy B and Sam Fine) She was the photog so I didnt get many pics of her during the application but she sent me some pics from the actual party. Check em out:

This was actually taken during the makeover, as you can see my natural light was gone so I had to rely on my OTT-Lite and viewing the look in a mirror to be sure I could see what the cameras would pick up...Almost done!

At the party with another party goer!

dancing the night away!

Both ladies were happy with their looks. I am my own worst critic so I see things that I would have liked to do differently but all in all I am satisfied, especially if the client is happy. :-) Women of color often have the issue where their face is a different color than their body (I am one of them, my face is darker) so its a challenge in deciding whether to go with the darker tone or vice versa. I am working on it! I had a ball at the party even though I was extra tired! In fact I am STILL tired today! LOL

Thanks for looking!

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