Saturday, May 8, 2010

Taking the high road (& more updates)

So my last post may have seemed a bit harsh but if I didn't speak my mind I couldn't honestly call the blog Tried and TRUTH Beauty now could I?  Well after I heard from fellow bloggers, other friends and fam I did decide to NOT contact the other blogger about the squatting issue.  I dont think it was done maliciously, I just think it was a lack of planning on her part. 

And still we press on.  At this very moment the wonderful team at WebPhotoMaster is hard at work upgrading my portfolio site so that I can include the movie trailers for the films that I have worked on, a platform that allows viewers to view my site from not only their computers but via their phones as well and a nice little spot for the blog.  I will NOT be abandoning T&T Beauty, it will just have a new home so that the confusion will cease.  Any makeup artist looking for a place to house their online portfolio should definitely check WebPhotoMaster out, tell them I sent ya!

In addition to the blog changes, I have been given a wonderful opportunity that I wont let the cat out of the bag on just yet.  Suffice it to say that I will be writing more and for a larger audience!  I cant wait to share this new endeavor with you all.

Thanks as always for sticking with me, big things are on the horizon, definitely more makeup artistry work, reviews, tips and thoughts in general.  I leave you with a couple of images from my birthday party back in April until next time!

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