Monday, May 31, 2010

FOTD's and Updates! *pic heavy*

This has been a busy week for me - my family and I moved a week ago from a 2 bedroom condo in the heart of the city to a 3 bedroom townhouse in the middle of the suburbs (culture shock much?  not for me as I spent my teenage years right up the road from here but "the sig" is a city dude born and bred!).  I am so thankful, grateful, blessed, you name it.  As I sit at my new vanity and makeup area (I will share soon, still getting it in order) and type this I am still kinda feeling as if I am not here in the moment, you know?

I had the entire week off from my day job but I was running non stop, getting stuff for the house, putting it in its place, transporting the fam, I mean you name it, I was doing it.  I even made time to set up meetings for future gig/client opportunities which brings us to this post. 

I have TONS of stuff to review and share with you all.  PR companies have been so giving as of late-LOVES IT!  When I started blogging I was just doing it for the love of the makeup and it has now developed its' own speed and I really have to stay on top of it lest it speed out of control.  If ever you feel frustrated or unsure, dont give up!  You never know when things you are working on will take a sudden turn for the better.  I am telling you I am living this right now. 

Another thing that is funny, I promise I will stop rambling soon enough, is I am currently reading Kelly Cutrone's book on my Kindle for Blackberry app (LOL @ the product placement), 'If You Have To Cry, Go Outside...' - shout out to Kerris @ Pumps and Gloss for letting me know about the app and it is so on point and timely for exactly what I am experiencing at the moment.  Definitely check it out, the book and the app, oh and prior to Cutrone's book I read Crystal Renn's book (again on Kindle) 'Hungry'.  Two great stories by two very strong women.

dont mind my crazy look, this was like day 4 of trying to get settled in the house

Ok so back to it - Thursday I met with an amazing young woman regarding her bridal business and how I can contribute to the team.  Well we had a wonderful meeting (In IKEA of all places, told you I was running crazy all week) and I will be doing my first wedding with the company next Saturday!  YAY! 

For the meeting I didnt want to do anything too over the top, just enough to show I understand bridal beauty is a different kind of beauty

On Friday I had another prom client so I did a bit more but I didnt want her family to think I was coming to make her look like a clown so I kept it a bit simple for that as well.

dont ask...

For this look I am wearing the new Make Up Forever Aqua Cream #5 on my cheeks and lips (more on that later)

On Saturday I drove to Manassas, which is about an hour away, to do a bridal demo and interview with another artist.  Again I needed to look polished not overdone. 
                                                                  Me and my Zuca Artist backpack (one of my best purchases ever)
Neutrals worked in my favor it seems cause I booked that job too!

Sunday I had a shoot so I was able to be a bit more creative in my look, plus immediately following I was going to the Erykah Badu concert!

The shoot went well for the most part (more on that later) but I ended up wiping all my makeup off due to the heat!

my friends and I before the concert at The Baltimore Harbor Houlihan's
EXTRA HOT but the concert was good.

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