Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Stay Focused!

When given the opportunity to have your work showcased in any project, you are to treat that job as if it is your one and only chance to show what you can do.  Never let your focus be swayed and never drop the ball because one mistake could mean the end of your opportunity. 

I let my focus drift a bit this past Sunday while on set for a photo shoot.  No excuses, just had three things scheduled in one day and instead of being in the moment, I kept allowing myself to fast forward to the next task at hand. 

Below is the second look for the model for the day.  Just a simple beauty look inspired by peaches and cream initially that I punched up with color on the lips.  My camera is definitely not picking up how intense the orange lip was.  I mixed it with two pigments, one MAC and one from the mineralista.  I loved it.

This is my personal blog about my love for the cosmetic industry and my makeup artistry journey.  I choose to be totally honest with it.  I am not always gonna do work that I feel is 100% and either I will choose not to share or I can share and try to help others see the error of my ways so that they can in turn not make the same mistakes.  That said, keep reading...The next look is where I lost focus...
I was so happy with how the shoot was going, the team was in sync and things were going well, a bit behind schedule but for real, I haven't been on a shoot that went as planned time wise.  

Above was the third and final look.  I looked at the model and was satisfied.  Packed up and was ready to go and thought oh let me get one more behind the scenes image.  First one I took was a bit blurry, this was the second shot.  To the naked eye it may look fine, but if you inspect further you can see that the loose powder I used to catch any fall out from darkening her eye makeup didn't get brushed away completely.  EEK!  

All I could think about was ok let me move quickly, shoot ran over and I am already a half hour late for my next appointment.  Well you know what my being hasty could have blown the entire shoot and my professional reputation.  To top it off I didn't even make it to my next appointment after all that.

Its fine to schedule multiple appointments in one day but being a scatterbrain can have extreme consequences.  Remember to stay focused no matter what!

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