Thursday, June 3, 2010

What makes you think you can call yourself a makeup artist?!

While perusing Facebook the other week I came across a status update that I thought would make a great discussion...

A comment was made that one cannot call themselves a makeup artist simply because they put a feather on someone's face or something to that effect.  Implying that there is now an influx of pseudo artists out here now and that everyone doesnt deserve that title.  The comment was then followed by a myriad of replies touting their certifications, experience and the like.  I felt some kind of way about it and here is why...

Someone made the comment that you had to have gone to school for aesthetics and/or makeup artistry before you can call yourself a makeup artist and that they were upset that the licensing has since been done away with in some states, DC and Maryland included.  *PUMP THE BRAKES* Just about every well known makeup artist that I have had the pleasure of training with or listening to at a seminar, etc. has said that he/she did NOT have a license in anything, nor did they have any formal training.  That their "school" was practice and/or experience on real women at the makeup counter or they kinda fell into it some way or another. 

One who has done research of any sort should be aware that the makeup school is a modern thing.  Even the makeup section taught in cosmetology school wasnt an extensive course at one point, it was merely a chapter, if that, in a thick course curriculum where basics were taught.  Furthermore, those that do attend some makeup schools have said that they just learned basics and that the real experience came outside of the school and from reading additional books/watching videos purchased on their own.

What do you think?  Is there room for all in this industry or should certification be reinstated and demanded before jobs are dispersed?  Do you have a license?  If so, was school worth it for you or could you have reached your level of success without it?

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