Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream and a surprise!


I was lucky enough to be sent a sample of Make Up For Ever's new Aqua Cream to review and let me tell you, it is all that it has been made out to be and then some!  As you know I reside in DC, known for hazy, hot and humid summers, the heat can be relentless, which in turn can wreak havoc on your carefully placed eyeshadow applications.  Well M.U.F.E. has you covered with the new Aqua Cream shadow.

I recently moved, and in between getting the new home set up I also had meetings with potential clients so I still had to be on point with my appearance.  Normally I dont even think about wearing shadow without my trusty U.D.P.P. but in an unexpected but welcome turn of events, with the M.U.F.E. Aqua Cream there wasnt a crease in sight!  I have oily lids and my shadow ALWAYS creases if I dont have a hearty base, now I dont have to worry.  Click here to see an F.O.T.D. in which I wore Aqua Cream #5, a peachy pink shade with gold flecks, as described on Sephora's site.

The Aqua Creams are multi-taskers, they can be used on eyes, cheeks and lips.  I have tried them in each capacity and while I love it on the eyes most (I did this on my own, my particular shade sample, #5, didnt indicate that it was suitable for eye use but I experienced zero irritation), cheeks come in second place of preference and the lips lastly.  Only because it dries quickly so it will definitely be a matte lip.  If you want more of a gloss you will have to mix it or apply one on top.

While discussing this with my fellow Beauty Divas in our BB group, the comparison was made between #5 and MAC's Rubenesque Paint Pot so I did some swatches to show the difference.  On my skin #5 shows more pink whereas Rubenesque only shows gold, not so much the pink.  See for yourself:

Rubenesque pp on left and top swatch, #5 on right and bottom swatch

And here it is on my eyelids - sloppy job, I was rushing sorry :(

oily much?

Which brings us to the surprise portion - a natural hair update - I started locs!  I have been so inspired as of late by locs and truthfully I have always found them to be beautiful but wasnt sure if I could commit long-term because I like to change up my hair so much but now, with the business taking off and free time becoming fewer and far between I need a style that requires less day to day styling from me while still offering versatility.  Not to mention my scalp needs to be free of the weaves, wigs and braids for a while!  "The Sig" told me my hair was cute last night - BOM CHIKA WAH WAHHHHHHH LOL Nah but I love it so far.  Stay tuned for the loc journey, though this isnt really a hair blog so it wont be a constant update thing, just when I am showing makeup or whatever.  I am starting them from 2-strand twists on top since my hair is longer there and gel twists in the back that refuses to cooperate with the rest of my hair!

Back to beauty...

I tried Make Up Forever Aqua Cream and the truth is, I want each and every shade.  These DEFINITELY deserve a try and while I still like MAC paint pots I find that the Make Up For Ever collection is better suited for those with oily lids like myself.

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