Friday, March 19, 2010

#naturalhair updates, whats new and whats next (pic heavy)

No excuses - just havent been motivated.  My birthday is upon me (12 days away in fact) and I am using this time for me.  I have a nice birthday gathering planned so I can let loose for a change.  Anyway on to the update.  So I said I was going to wear my hair out, and I have an extent.  You see, I know me, I know my attention span and I get bored very easily.  I knew when I decided to wear my hair out that I was embarking on a feat that would be nearly impossible as far as not doing things to damage my hair or alter it in any way.  Well I havent gone back to relaxing (*whew*) that is a huge accomplishment in and of itself.  I am 6 months post big chop and its getting to that stage where something has got to give.  Ive twisted, pinned, fro'ed, gel'ed, dyed, etc.  and now my hair is pissed so Ive been rocking hats and wraps.  So to give it a break once and for all I am either opting for some twist extenions, sew in or a wig just to give it a break for a month or two.  Here is what my hair has been doing since my last update in order:

I must really love yall to show myself all willy nilly like this.  LOL  Oh and yes that is a dimple piercing.  No it didnt hurt, my nose piercing was worse for the actual piercing but yes the healing part was worse with the dimple but mainly because I think food is awesome (which is my problem now!) LOL

Whats new?  Taking a hiatus from makeup until at least May.  Frustration got the best of me and my health was and is priority number 1 so I had to remove myself from a few projects I had lined up.  I realize that I need to align myself with like-minded individuals including photographers, etc.  So back to the proverbial drawing board with that one.  While I work on that I am also trying to make moves at my day job.  Although I really want this makeup thing to take off I do realize I need to put in work for my current paycheck and that means getting my hustle on.  Hopefully some new things are on the horizon and you know I will keep you informed with good news and maybe not so good news as well.

Whats next? I embark on another year of life in which I strive to be the best Shana I can be.  I push myself to the limit in all aspects of life including but not limited to motherhood, being a girlfriend, friend, entrepreneur, woman, employee, etc. so on and so forth.

Thanks for sticking with me and I hope you continue to do so!  I hope to make a decision about the hair this weekend so I will be back with pictures soon enough!

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