Friday, January 22, 2010

Believe the Hype - Yes Another Sigma Makeup Post

I finally gave into the hoopla and purchased a set of Sigma Makeup Brushes

I picked this one because I really dont need another brush roll honestly

Now I have watched plenty of videos from YouTube gurus, read many a post from beauty bloggers on these and most of them said that they were sent the brushes from Sigma.  Although they swore to me that the free brushes didnt sway their opinion I honestly didnt feel I could trust them 100%.  I also have read posts and seen videos about those who said they couldnt support a company that blatantly stole from another company.  Now, let us be clear -  I paid for these brushes out of my pocket with my own money - so trust me when I tell you that these brushes are awesome!  Yes they are just as good as the name brand brushes they emulate and YES they are a WHOLE lot cheaper!  As a self-confessed brush fanatic who spares no expense when it comes to getting a brush that I MUST have I can attest to the quality of these brushes.  I have used them for a good 3 weeks now, deep cleaned, spot cleaned - tried and true, through and through - THEY ROCK!  Whether you are just starting as an MUA or if you are a seasoned professional you need to have these. 

As for the negativity surrounding Sigma's sales approach - I really could care less.  I mean there isnt really too much you can do in the beauty industry without taking from another company.  I mean a brown shadow, is a brown shadow is a brown shadow all day long.  You dont hear anybody complaning about that right?  To each his/her own.  While I will pay for what I want, I do love a bargain and I will be buying more from Sigma in the way of brushes.  I tried Sigma Makeup Brushes and the truth is - I loved them and I will repurchase and I have spread the word about how great they are and I will continue to do so.  Give their shadows a try too - they sent me a great smokey grey shadow as a GWP that I adore.

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