Saturday, January 23, 2010

#NaturalHair Update - from even steven to TWA

I know initially I said I was going to update on my hair progress each month but to be honest I havent really done much to it besides watch it change over time because I keep it under a wig so as not to hinder its growth or journey.  To see how it looked when I first chopped it off (for like the fourth or fifth time) go here.

Well I have been reading various natural hair blogs (which are amazing by the way) and saving tons of inspiration photos for styles that I want to try and natural hair that moves me somehow so yesterday I decided to have a looksie at my own hair.  I thought to myself ok thats it, I am tired of this wig and I know I wanted to wait until summer to debut my natural hair but no time like the present!  Here is how my hair looks now:

shrinkage of course

But there is some length there


my round face :-)

Lets try some styling options...never mind my crazy look here

another styling option...and yes I did all of this in the same time frame - about 30 mins tops

let's add flair - this was my fav style attempt

close up to try to show texture - not sure if it worked

close up of the twist pin up thing I tried

So the jury is still out on whether I will take the plunge and wear it out - while I like it I am afraid of what I will do to it.  I start to get antsy after a while and think oh let me add some color or let me try this and I dont want to hinder the progress that I have made thus far.  I need to go to the theatre art supply store today so I guess I have a few hours to decide huh?


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