Thursday, January 21, 2010

Diary of an MUA: Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say

This year for me is all about moving forward in this industry as a Makeup Artist.  I will pound the pavement until my knuckles bleed if thats what it takes.  Thats how bad I want to reach the next level of success.  In order to start the new year off correctly I set up a shoot with a photographer I have worked with in the past to take some headshots for my portfolio.  We had been going back and forth for a little over the month with lighting and background ideas, I did the research for what looks I wanted to create (hard work I am telling you) and I personally contacted I dont even know how many models of varying ethnicities.  I finally got 8 models that agreed to work with us and I created looks for each of them that not only would benefit me and my port but also there's as the looks were something they didnt currently have in their books.

Everyone was confirmed, I went out and purchased any supplies needed and I was all set.  Well as is life it didnt go as planned.  Long story short - out of eight models only two actually made it (oh and that is after I hadnt heard from 2 of the first models cast and had to find 2 replacements) each and every one had an excuse as to why they couldnt make it.  Now we know that things come up that are beyond our control but you have to understand that I am serious about this so I have to admit I really took offense, but I kept a poker face about it and then I realized this will probably not be the last time something like this happens so let me suck it up and move on by doing what I set out to do with the models who did as they said they would.

I may have said this before but you MUST MUST MUST be professional at all times no matter what you do!  You never know who knows what casting director, photographer, designer, etc. and if your name comes up you would want the discussion to surround positive things, no?  I have been privy to plenty of conversation about people I have worked with in the past and it was not pretty.  I try to conduct myself in a professional manner no matter what, so hopefully when my name is mentioned its not anything negative.

Anyway here are some behind the scenes photos from the shoot for your time...

for some reason my camera made this one come out in a Sepia tone - I kinda like it though

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