Wednesday, November 11, 2009

T & T Beauty Review - Smashbox Beauty Confidential Kit

Until I get the hang of my new netbook and/or obtain a new camera, my pictures and vid abilities are limited, however *in my best kandi voice* I fly above!  Up top is a pic *albeit not a great one* of a look I did using MOSTLY Smashbox Cosmetics (my foundation and powder are not Smashbox) from their Beauty Confidential Kit.  To see what I think about the kit check out the vid below and a written wrap up after that.  See you soon!

I tried the Smashbox Cosmetics Beauty Confidential Kit and the truth is it definitely gives you a great bang for your buck.  For $47 you are getting a serious amount of QUALITY product.  I highly recommend trying out the kits if you are feeling the wallet strain that most of us are.  Throw in the plum colored mascara and you are set!  Check out Smashbox for more great deals.  Happy shopping!

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