Monday, November 9, 2009

Easing Back In...with a vid!

So as you know I am without a camera and up until last Friday I was without a laptop as well - technology hasnt been my friend as of late.  Well I went ahead and replaced my crappy netbook (Im looking at you HP) with a brand spanking new one courtesy of Gateway!

If you follow me on Twitter you also know that I had a bit of a rough week.  I am happy to say that I am feeling better and well rested but need to take the necessary steps to cut down on stress (look out for more posts on products to be used for that very reason) but one of the things that I find pleasure in Ive been neglecting and that is MAKEUP! 

In order to ease my way back into doing the things that I find pleasure in and to test out my new webcam I made a YouTube vid that shows how I do my every day look.  Nothing fancy at all but I figured I needed to post so I thought why not include it in the blog? 

Thanks for stopping by and see you all soon!

PS - I couldve sworn I picked a song that was long enough for the vid but apparently bad yall.

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