Monday, November 2, 2009

Its baaaaaaack!!!!!...and why Ive been M.I.A.

Now I just have to figure out which one I want to attend...oh who am I kidding, I know good and well Im headed to LA again baby!  Who's coming with?

So I was on a roll for September with updating and then all of a sudden the wind was taken out of my sails.  Well what had happened was I lost my camera!!!!  The last time I saw it T&T Toddler was fake taking pics of herself and then *poof* it was gone.  She is on the put everything in the toilet AND throw everything in the trashcan and say "YAY!" while clapping kick right now so because I didnt see it in the toilet its either A. in a dumpster somewhere because I didnt notice it missing until the weekend rolled around or B. I took it to a bridesmaid meeting I had and then I accidentally left it in my rental car.  *sigh*  Either way I was so heartbroken, even though Ive been fussing about the cam being on its last leg that I havent posted.  So this weekend I will be dipping into my vacation stash (Im headed to Arizona for a girlfriend get-a-way next week) to purchase a new camera so I can get back to updating. 

Thanks for sticking with me! *MUAH*

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