Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Going Against The Grain-y Lip Products - Glass vs. Creme

Oh MAC, time and time again you have enticed me with your images, new product launches, vibrant colors, etc.  I sit at my computer and salivate over each delicious offering, painstakingly pondering which item(s) I must get for myself and/or my kit.  Dont get me wrong, none of that has changed but I must remain true to my identity behind this blog - I try a product and I tell the truth about how I feel no matter the backlash I may receive. 

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First we had MAC Dazzleglass - OMG how bout' yeah?!  I picked up three of them and they are just as gorgeous as I had hoped they would be.  Still mad I missed out on that blue one...but I digress.  A nice variety of colors, super shine, glamorous glitter, smooth application.  Just amazing.

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So then MAC gives us the DazzleCremes ooh yay!  Couldnt wait to get my hands on these.  I actually went in to pick up Style Black but saw these and remembered that I wanted to pick them up too.  I LOVE the Dazzleglass so the cream version is gonna be just as great if not better...NOT!  Hate is a strong word but I really do hate these.

I have tried them alone, on top of lipgloss, on top of lipstick, after a lip scrub and conditioner, just about everything you can do to ensure your lips are smooth and ready for product I have tried it and all my trials were in vain because it doesnt matter what was done I could still feel little tiny bits of glitter on my lips.  Oh gawd whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy??????  Who would want to walk around with their lips feeling like that is beyond me.  Its like the consistency of little bits of sand all over your lips, ugh!  I have read so many reviews and people just seem to love them so I couldnt understand why I was the only one who didnt - I still dont know.  All I know is this is definitely a product that I am remorseful about spending my hard earned money on.  *sigh*

I tried MAC DazzleCreme and the truth is I dont like them one bit, but one woman's giveaway to a friend or family member because they will never use it is another woman's HG lip product.  You wont ever know unless you try it for yourself.  *insert sad face here*

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