Wednesday, May 29, 2013


And so it goes...last week was a trying one for me.  The expression on my face below pretty much sums it up; attempting to put on a somewhat presentable face while struggling on the inside. 

Initially I was feeling all the way down until I realized that I have been through a few of these transitions and they usually turn out for the best in the end.  

It hurts to realize friends you were once close with are no longer there or even worse that they have moved on with other friends when all of you used to roll together...and with no explanation...

It sucks to have to decline participation in things that you know would be amazing for your career but your coins arent quite right to make it happen...

Relationships are always hard work but when forced to look at yourself in the mirror instead of being so quick to point the finger at others is even harder...

Trying to balance your dreams with the responsibility of parenting, I mean come on!  No brainer we all know that isnt easy even if you do not have children of your own.

and so here I am.

A week later and while I do not consider myself a very religious person I do have my quiet meditation moments and time to reflect and I realize that all that took place last week is preparing me for whats next. 

Though I had some tough things to deal with they will only prove to empower me.  

Though I had to look at the things I need to change about myself I also was able to be a part of some amazing moments of positive transition for others (makeup for weddings and proms) and I think that's when the light-bulb moment happened.

I know its all very vague but I have to balance sharing without revealing too much.  So this blog will also transition a bit...I love beauty, that hasn't changed, but I want this space to be more personal.  It is Shana Janelle On...after all and that can really encompass anything I want to speak ON.  And so I will. 

Thank you for sticking with me as always and stay tuned!

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