Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Just Shana: Zipcar love

When I used to live directly in Washington DC (I am currently in the suburbs about 15 minutes outside of the city) I didnt have a car.  I relied solely on Metro and when I needed wheels I did Zipcar!

It was definitely handy because trust me after having to maintain a car for the past few years with gas and maintenance I am dreaming of the days when all I had to do was go online or on my app reserve my car and head out.  I will be honest and say that the price has definitely gone up since I first started with Zipcar but I still welcome that in lieu of having to pay for gas and maintenance on a car any day.

So I recently signed back up with the program and then I got an email about this promo that they are doing.
Book Monday - Thursday for 4 hours and only pay for 3.  Starting June 3 and beyond.
Awwww yeah - sign me right on up!


Wanna sign up for your own Zipcar?  Here ya go, and I will share $25 in free driving with you!  Just click the little car below and lets be on our way!

Join Zipcar and get $25 in free driving

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