Monday, September 24, 2012

My first experience with JewelMint

So I finally took the plunge and decided to try my hand with JewelMint.

The way I maximize my coins with any of these monthly shopping deal sites is I peruse the offerings but try to hold out until I see something that I may not see elsewhere for instance I'm probably not going to buy hoop earrings from JewelMint. I also wait until they send me a deal on top of a deal.

With this particular purchase I lucked up on both fronts- the earrings I selected were in line with my style aesthetic and also unique enough not to have a twin or triplet walking in my vicinity and best of all I had an offer of a free gift with purchase.

I am pretty pleased with JewelMint. As a member of all the "Mints" so far they are my fav and the only one I have purchased from. Shipping was fast, the packaging makes you feel like you are getting a special treat and I was really pleased with my earrings.

The gift with purchase was a leather studded wrap bracelet which was fine but some of the embellishment wasn't really my cup of tea but I made it work as you will see in the pictures.

I will purchase from them again. My only gripe is the monthly subscription fee, if they do away with that or make it one fee across all the "Mints" it would be pretty near perfect.

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