Friday, September 21, 2012

CoverGirl + Olay

I am a bzzagent so I joined the CoverGirl + Olay campaign when it became available so that I could review the foundation and powder...

While I would love for this to be an in depth review it will not be because as you can see by the images the color does not match. I get so disappointed when that happens. We are in an age when every color should be able to be created for every skin tone.

I tried to make it work with a powder closer to my skin and it just didn't pan out well. By the end of the day i looked terrible.

Now I will say that the foundation is very moisturizing...and that's about all I can say that's positive. I guess if they have your shade then go for it. For me, neither the powder nor the foundation was workable. I need companies to realize all women of color are not "tawny" or fit in the "deep" or "dark" shade range.

And that is not directed specifically to CoverGirl; there are a number of companies who do this. At least with CoverGirl we can opt for the CoverGirl Queen Collection which has a beautiful shade range. Other brands aren't as giving...

If CoverGirl were to expand the + Olay option to include the Queen Collection I think that would be a great addition. As of now it just falls a little short.

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