Monday, September 24, 2012

My basic highlight routine via pics

Highlighting and contouring is rather popular right now. While that has always been the case with professional MUAs, now EVERYONE seems to be imparting some form of it into their daily beauty routine.

Here is one way I make it happen. It's the quickest way for me during the week to add dimension to my otherwise round face structure.

After cleansing as normal I then apply a foundation a few shades lighter than my natural skin tone to my brow bone down the bridge of my nose and under my eyes with a wedge sponge. More often than not I use 'Heavenly Honey' by Black Opal.

I then take a velour powder puff and apply pressed powder in my correct skin tone all over. I was using MAC Mineralized Skin Finish in Dark during the summer, I have now switched to Medium Deep as I am losing my summer glow though I am considering switching back to Dark.

When going out or amping up the routine for work I just add some dimension to my cheeks with a color 2 shades darker or more than my skin tone. I use either Suede Mocha by Black Opal, Ebony Bronze bronzed by CoverGirl Queen Collection or a brown matte shadow that's more warm in tonality.

Do you highlight and contour in your beauty routine? Do you prefer creams or powders?

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