Friday, January 20, 2012

Diary of an MUA: 'Makeup & Moscato' w/Dell Johnson!

So one of my goals this year is to attend more industry based networking events, "partying with a purpose" if you will.  To set that wheel in motion I had the pleasure of attending “Makeup and Moscato” about two weeks ago.  For those who are unfamiliar with the event it is geared towards industry professionals but also welcomes those who have a love for the industry to come together and get to know each other in a relaxed environment. 

As an added bonus, of course as the name suggests, there are adult beverages involved along with a nice spread of food and yall know I am all about a beverage and a bite!  Even better, our gracious host Dell Johnson of Rondell Johnson Beauty closes out the evening with a makeup demo and answers any questions that attendees may have.  The event was held at Union 206, a studio space in Old Town Virginia that I have had the pleasure of shooting in, and being in a creative space with other creatives added to the welcoming atmosphere. 

Dell’s assistant was also there, Agnes, she made everyone feel welcome and she was so awesome at anticipating Dell’s needs, especially during the demo portion.  She needs to do an assisting 101 course or something, like seriously because a lot of artists have questions about that.

I have known Dell via Twitter and Facebook for about a year now or at least I thought I did…let me explain… one thing I can say about Dell is he is very passionate about his craft.  He takes it very seriously and when he has something to say, he definitely speaks his mind, no holds barred, and for those who have skin that may not be that thick it may rub them the wrong way or his approach can become misconstrued but definitely take the time to get to know him, he’s real, he knows his ish and I respect that.   

When you meet him in person OMG you just want to sit and talk with him for hours.  He is so personable and loveable; his enthusiasm about beauty is infectious in the best way possible and as an added bonus he throws down in the kitchen on some deviled eggs ok?  I blame him for throwing me off my health kick game as I inhaled a half dozen eggs at the event!  LOL

Enough of my rambling – peep the vid to get a taste of ‘Makeup & Moscato’.

So as you can see we were able to ask many questions; contouring the face being the most popular - I mean that IS one of Dell’s many areas of expertise, see some makeup demos, learn and just fellowship with each other. 

If you are in the DC area be sure to attend the next ‘Makeup & Moscato’, you will definitely come away with something whether it be a larger network (Dell is SERIOUS about making you meet people other than who you came with so be prepared!  J) increased knowledge about makeup, tips on how to perfect your artistry or if nothing else a chance to unwind with other like-minded individuals.  

For those who are NOT in the DC area, don’t fret because have transportation, Dell WILL travel!  He also tours with his beauty workshops as well as the networking event.  Visit his site at for his travel schedule and if you don’t see your city listed, reach out to him.  He would be more than happy to add it!

Thank you all for reading/watching and I will see you next time – bye!

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