Friday, December 16, 2011

Shana vs. Sephora

Word on the beauty streets was that Sephora had sent out gift cards to Beauty Insiders for the holidays.  I heard varying amounts, some said $10, some said $15.  There was also a bit of confusion on the fine print of the offer; it was either a gift card void of a required purchase or you had to spend a certain amount for the card to be valid.  Another issue that arose was some people were saying they received an email while others received an actual card in the mail...

When I was first asked if I had received a gift card via email I went through my gmail with a fine-toothed comb and still came up empty-handed.  Anyone with gmail knows that its pretty darn close to impossible to lose an email for good.  It seems they keep everything forever, for better or worse...but again I looked, did a search, checked the trash - no git card email.  I then said OK well whatever because it seems that every time Sephora runs a promotion there is confusion.  Some people get it and others don't.  I was able to move on from the situation...

Earlier this week I checked the mail and had received some love mail from a fellow YouTube buddy so I decided to record a video while I opened the package.  Well in looking through the mail, while on camera, I noticed a card from Sephora...yes THE card.  Although I had moved on from it I have to admit I was excited that my card had finally arrived!  Again I was on camera as I read through the card because as it turns out I was actually on my way to the mall for some holiday shopping so I wanted to see if I could use it while running errands; thats when I noticed the dates: Valid December 1 - December 12...the problem was that it wasnt delivered until December 13!  

I was so irritated and shared my frustration with my fellow beauty blogging buddies.  Turns out a number of them were in the same predicament.  Either they never received the gift card even though they are faithful Sephora shoppers or they received it late like me.  I had in my mind and the point was further driven home by Kerris of Pumps and Gloss, that I needed to call Sephora and voice my concern.  So that's what I did!  To find out what happened check out the video below:

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