Thursday, December 15, 2011

Haute & Healthy: New Snacks

One of my issues in maintaining healthy eating habits is that I love to snack.  Its funny because I actually hate the word snack, my kids use it often, after they eat they want a snack, like immediately after any meal they are asking for a snack as if its a reward for finishing their food. 

I guess that idea of a reward is why snacking is my vice.  I mean think about it, snacks are marketed in the most fun ways, the brightest, most lively, most entertaining situations we see when it comes to food marketing involve snacks.

I had to keep my snack options but make more healthy choices with variety.  I cant snack on veggies and fruit only, wheres the crunch?  I now make it a point to look for snacks geared towards vegans as much as I can.  Here are a few things ive picked up (the oatmeal is not really a snack but was a great find because steel cut oatmeal takes a while to cook), which I am happy to report that although the taste profile may take some getting used to, they are rather tasty.

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