Thursday, December 15, 2011


Im gonna grant myself a late pass on this one.  I had taken a break from watching Americas Next Top Model.

When it initially came on it was a constant source of fashion, hair and makeup inspiration.  The challenges seemed pertinent to the industry and a good source of information for those aspiring to become a model.  Well as we all know the formula for successful reality tv must include a bit of foolery and to me over the years, while still a bit tame compared to other shows, it got a bit more corny.

What drew me back in was the inspiration.  The hair and makeup team was still super talented so I felt I could give the show another try.  I also knew that with the addition of Andre Leon Talley, so highly respected in the industry, that he should not allow his reputation to be tarnished with too many antics.  Another draw was that this season was geared towards the All Stars.

Of course I didnt know all of the contestants but I grew more familiar with each episode on my dvr. 

Yesterday I FINALLY took the time to watch the final episode and suffice it to say I was pissed.  I already knew that Lisa won but I thought it was because she killed it on the final runway or something, not with all this mystery surrounding Angelea!  IMO Angelea did pretty well and so did Allison.  In all fairness I cant be too certain that Angelea was the clear winner but I felt as though her mysterious disqualification made her out to be a sort of spectacle and tool to boost buzz about the show.  Totally uncalled for if that is indeed the case.

Rumors have been swirling on the net with reasons for her departure (just google Angelea Preston) that I wont list; I just hope the truth comes out at some point and wish her all the best.

Another source of irritation was the Cover Girl shoot.  At one point they were showing Lisa's part and used the Cover Girl Intense Shadow Blast in Extreme Green.  Described as a rich, waterproof shadow with built in primer I would think the color payoff would be "intense", right?  Apparently not because right before ol' girl hopped in front of the camera for her close up the MUA was shown applying what appeared to be a MAC shadow in a similar shade.  I stared at the screen like wait...did I just see that in real life???  Now we know that there is almost always smoke and mirrors on shoots, especially with mascara but to see it in plain sight for a promo of a product was a bit much.  If thats the case then just put it out there as a colored primer/ shadow base. 

I admire the hustle of Tyra all day long but I was a little let down with that particular episode.  Everything after that seemed to lack integrity and didnt seem genuine.

What do you think?  Did you tune in?

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