Friday, November 11, 2011

Bienvenido a Miami

Hey everyone!  I am blogging to you today from none other than sunny Miami...well not so sunny anymore as the sun has set but that matters not. 

"The Sig" and I made plans and purchased tickets to come here once he found out the Skins would be playing the Dolphins.  I could really care less about either team (go Giants!) But a vacation is a vacation right?

Right now I am sitting in Sobe Spa ( waiting to get a pedicure.  I came here for the first time last year while on a girlfriend getaway and really enjoyed the service they provided.  Well apparently word has gotten out about how awesome they are because I have been waiting a good 30 minutes for my chance at some minor pampering. 

In any event the trip has been nice thus far, no complaints.  After this I am meeting back up with "the sig" for beverages and a bite, more than likely at Wet Willies, well cause you have to do the tourist thing right?

Yay, it's my turn in the chair so I gotta run.  In the meantime here are a few pics ive snapped thus far.  Minimal makeup while here, I will do another post showing what I have with me for the trip.  Talk soon!

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