Saturday, November 12, 2011

Beach blanket? Bingo!

I am sitting here on the beach blogging, could it get any better?  I noted that I haven't smiled this much in Lord knows when. 
What's funny is I hate sand, like it it's so irritating to me that once you leave the beach you find sand for weeks after!  This time though I could care less.  I am sure the beachside sevice that brought me my pina coladas and shrimp cocktail helped with that.
I am also realizing that when I visited Miami last year for the first time I didn't do half the stuff I am doing this time.  I literally said to "the sig" ok what the hell did we do when we came here???  Ah well, I still had fun though.
Last night after my pedi, I selected a pink color by Essie but forgot to get the name of it, we headed to Wet Willies, of course.   Then we hit my fav pizza place outside of NY, Pizza Rustica, which is located on 8th and Washington.  It's open until maybe 3 or 4a and they cut it in squares and you end up with six slices.  Its so good.  I always opt for the mushroom.  I am sure I will go back before we leave so I will be sure to snap some pics.
After that we took a much needed nap while waiting for our friends to arrive.  We ended up at Fat Tuesdays and it was kinda blah so we went to Mango's.  OMG so much fun.  The live cuban band had the crowd rockin', the Voudoo Room aka hip hop room had me dancing the whole time and they even had a reggae room which I didn't get to check out but I am thinking we will go back before we fly out.
Well I am about to soak up some more sun, so again I leave you with some pics I snapped.  This weekend I'm all about clean looks with a lip so last night I opted for Russian Red by MAC.  During the day I wore Nars Sheer Matte foundation in Cacao applied with my hands but I noticed it oxidized quite a bit so at night I went for my trusty Make Up Forever Mat Velvet.  I am also wearing lashes that I cut in half and applied just to the outer ends of my own lashes.  They are the no name blue box brand in 747s, one of my faves!  Talk to you later :)

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