Monday, October 3, 2011

Back 2 Basics with Darrell Martin

Darrell putting the finishing touches on his dramatic smokey eye with a nude lip look

You ever meet someone and feel like you have known them forever?  Like you have been cool for a long time?  That's how it was today when I had the pleasure of attending 'Back 2 Basics' with Darrell Martin.  You should know him by name but if you don't, you have definitely seen his work in a number of publications such as Sophisticate's Black Hair and Passion.  Not being a household name is not for lack of talent, in fact his artistry is almost second nature, but he has a spirit of humility and never comes off as having an air of superiority...but again he knows his ish!

Darrell & I after class - he looks cute; I look shiny!  HA!

A cosmetologist by trade, he found a passion in makeup artistry and through self teachings moved up in rank to the level he is at currently.  With some exciting plans in the works including an expansion on his educational offerings and another venture that we as students were able to test; if you were not familiar with Darrell before today you will be very soon.

We both like creative piercings and hamming it up for the camera!  LOL

The 'Back 2 Basics' workshop took us through everything from sanitation and product shelf life, to the perfect brow and a smoldering smokey eye.  As a makeup artist you should never get stagnant and it is always a good idea to brush up on your skills.  With this particular workshop I walked away with a great deal of new techniques that I cannot wait to try on my clients.  Next up on his tour is Atlanta in December but look out for him again in 2012.  You can check out the 'Education' tab on his site for more information.  Check the video below for some behind the scenes peeks!

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