Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Local Lovelies: The Diva Lounge x Carol's Daughter: Keep Cool, Look Hot

I had the pleasure of attending the most recent Diva Lounge DC Event which was, in connection with Jones Magazine, to celebrate the launch of the new line of styling products by Carol's Daughter, The Macadamia Collection.

After sipping champagne and delicious Vita Coco, an event sponsor,  I spent some time chatting with representatives of the Carol's Daughter brand to find the products that were best suited for myself and my daughter.

As you all know I have locs now and I am always on the hunt for new oils to treat my hair and scalp.  I was introduced to the sweet smelling Tui Moisturizing Hair Oil.  Containing guava, mango and passion fruit this product has both jojoba and shea butter which aids in preventing dryness and restoring luster to the hair.  It comes in the oil and a sheen (which has a spray bottle).  I was told that the oil is a tad bit heavier so I opted for that as my locs tend to curl/shrink up.

For baby girl, she was blessed with the texture of both her parents, so her hair is thick and tightly curled, though with the addition of water is more manageable.  These traits make her hair very tangled so I wanted something to manage that.  Of course, there is the Princess Tiana line (which I was told a lot of adults come in to purchase for their own hair), but also the Hair Milk line which I mentioned here.  Since I had previously written about the Hair Milk but never tried it I went with that.  I will let you all know how well it works on managing her curls.

The new Macadamia Styling Collection is designed to protect the hair from heated styling tools.  You can still maintain your look without compromising the health of your hair.  The collection is graced with the faces of Solange and Cassie, two ladies who embody individuality in hair styling.

For me, one of the highlights of the evening, besides finding a new scent (more on that later), was chatting with the manager of the Pentagon City location, Maverick.  Being that he is a fellow makeup artist, you know I had to pick his brain about the direction the brand is taking in regards to its beauty line.  I noticed that most of the store space was dedicated to hair now.  Gone are the various fragrances the brand came to be known for, like my beloved Groove and I had to know why.  Maverick gave it to me straight - women are more faithful to their hair!  When it comes to beauty buys we are more inclined to try a variety of things in the way of body products, makeup and the like but with our hair when we find something we stick with it.  They noticed this trend and answered the consumer by putting more focus into offering options for all of our hair concerns.  I had to agree with him on women and hair; however I do miss going into the store and smelling everything.  I did get a bit of insider info that a new scent would be coming out around the holidays that is along the same line as the Sugar-Dipped Vanilla, so we have that to look forward to.

As for sweet smells, I discovered a new favorite in their Orange Ambrosia.  Scented with Italian Orange, Freesia and a bottom woodsy note it was perfect for me.  Not too overpowering and not too sweet.  As luck would have it, the shea souffle was gifted to us!

I had a great time at the event and look forward to the next one.  To get on the Diva Lounge DC mailing list visit them on Twitter.  You can view video of my experience at the event below.  Thanks again to Shayna D. of Diva Lounge DC and Carol's Daughter.

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