Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Challenge! Fall Fantasy FOTD

So we have given a warm welcome to Spring...paid homage to our fav 90s girl groups and since it has been a while I think it is time to funk it up for Fall!  Some of us are in a creative rut makeup wise.  I remember it used to be fun to get creative with makeup but now a lot of us are so consumed with the business of beauty that we have forgotten what made us fall in love with cosmetics in the first place. 

So here's what you do...find an inspiration image that evokes the spirit of Fall and then create a look around it.  It could be a full on makeup look that you want to recreate such as the images above or it can be as simple as an image of a fall day, a slice of pumpkin pie, fall foliage, etc.  Anything you want...the catch is this is NOT traditional beauty makeup.  It MUST be creative in nature (refer once again to images above), the level of creativity you choose is up to you.

  • The first day of Fall this year is September 23rd so that is the deadline.  
  • If you want to participate let me know below and I will update this post with a link to your blog.  
  • You should do a post on your blog linking back to this post and including links to the other participating bloggers-lets spread the love in the beauty blogging world!
  • lastly - have fun!  loosen up those belts...ties...well you know what I mean and get back to creativity!
Hope to see you back here soon!

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