Monday, July 18, 2011

30 Day YouTube Challenge - Day 7-Skincare Routine

Admittedly I can get rather lazy when it comes to my skincare.  Previously I could catergorize my skin as oily and sensitive.  As I began to get a bit older, however, that changed to combination, sensitive, acne-prone.  My t-zone remains my problem area as far as trying to combat oil whereas the perimeter of my face tends to be dry.  It took a lot of trial and error to get in touch with that diagnosis and unfortunately my skin suffered in the interim. 

It wasnt until I was having to deal with repeat breakouts and a heightened level of hyperpigmentation that I began to get serious about taking care of my skin.  When I attended the five year anniversary party for The Makeup Girl blog I had a consultation with Joelle Lyons, esthetician for our beloved first lady Michelle Obama.  The consultation involved sitting in this contraption that allowed both Joelle and I to see my skin up close and way too personal.  I was at once shocked and disgusted by what I saw.  That was my turning point.  Since that day I have been a bit more diligent with washing my face twice a day and eating a bit better.  I now see the results and in addition have taken a much needed break from applying foundation and powder every day.  My skin is much happier and showing me by behaving. 

I did a video to showcase the products currently in my skincare arsenal.  Most items I picked up from CVS but if you have a question about anything I used please do not hesitate to ask.

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