Friday, July 15, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 10

Day 10 – A photo of your favorite place to eat.
No good can come of this...I am a faux foodie.  What with the onset of Food Network, the Cooking Channel, the Trave Channel and countless other channels dedicated to enhancing our knowledge of cuisine, my palette is easily tantalized and therefore needs to be satiated on a regular basis.  Hello extra pounds!  That said while I love trying new restaurants and cuisines (foie gras anyone?) I have a few tried and true favs that I am always game to visit.  See below:
Sadly, Tenh Penh recently closed its doors.  During Restaurant Week one year my mom took me here and I was hooked!  The salmon and wasabi mashed potatoes were like no other.  I kept up the tradition of going for Restaurant Week almost every year.  I was bummed that I wasnt able to go one last time before they left.  You will be missed Tenh Penh.

Spanish Tapas and some of THEE best sangria and margaritas.  You will leave here full and fancy free and with your wallet still in tact!

Oh Lauriol Plaza, my true blue boo.  The wait is long (like no less than one hour but you can bank on it being 2 hours) but you never know it because while you are sandwiched between about a hundred other people waiting and yelling to hear each other you are nursing a half pitcher of swirl margarita guaranteed to make you forget you even wanted food in the first place.  Once you do however get the blessing of a table its worth the wait.

Though a common thread in this post has been the drinks that accompany the meal this place here stands out for food alone.  Go with at least one other person and opt for family style.  You will NOT be able to finish all of the food they give you at Maggianos but it matters not.  Roll yourself on home with enough leftovers to last perhaps the entire work week!

I treat myself for lunch during the week sometimes with a bento box from Raku.  For under $20 you get a full meal including appetizer.  Everything tastes fresh and if you go around 1p you beat the lunchtime rush for a nice relaxed meal.
  I couldnt pick just one place!  :)

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