Monday, April 4, 2011


This weekend I celebrated my was one of the most memorable birthdays for a number of reasons  - I feel a level of maturity that seems new somehow.  I cant explain it I just have been feeling different but in a good way.  I had a lengthy itinerary despite saying this year would be low key, and well, I was hit with a HUGE surprise.  If you follow me on Twitter or are a Facebook friend then you already know but for those that dont, let me share my birthday fun via pics!
On my actual birthday, March 31st, "the sig" and I attended opening day at Nationals Park.  This was my first time visiting the stadium and while I enjoyed myself (the park is beautiful) it was freezing that day.  I will have to visit again once the weather finally breaks for good.

On Friday, April Fools Day, I had a birthday happy hour/karaoke celebration.  Always a great time at The Meeting Place for karaoke.  Thanks to everyone there and Greg of Double G Karaoke.  Above is my friends and I performing 'Diva" by Beyonce.  I felt it only appropriate given the occassion.  :)  Peep my birthday shoe game - The 'Forwood' wedge by Aldo #FTW!  They are super comfy, I wore them all night long.  The dress come tunic due to the cold temps is from Zara.

I apologize for the blurry image but the car was moving.  My mom and "the sig" arranged for a car to pick us up on Saturday - 4/2/11, for the dinner "the sig" arranged for us at The Palm restaurant.

The car was decorated in birthday splendor.  Complete with a bottle of wine and a issue of New Beauty magazine for me to read during the ride!  LOL  I thought that was such a cute touch.  I definitely recommend that wine.  A sweet red, but not syrupy sweet.

I had the beef carpaccio (omg it is a MUST try, delicious!), the 9 oz filet, oscar style(meaning with lump crab meat and asparagus and I believe that is a hollandaise sauce...just know it was good!), and for dessert I had the key lime pie.  I ate everything!

Now during the dessert course, the waitress comes out with a candle in some whipped cream.  I say to myself oh cute, the little birthday presentation ok.  Instead of her saying we have a birthday, she yells "WE HAVE A PROPOSAL!!!!"  So I am looking around like uh who is she talking about, its my birthday, nobody proposed nothing over here.  So I am still laughing like awwww they are going to be embarassed once they realize they got it wrong.  I am looking at "the sig" cracking up like what are they doing??? 

I am still thinking he is finding this just as hilarious as I do, until he gets up from the table...pause

- while this is all unfolding the entire place is staring at us and cheering because they have started singing "Chapel of Love", I mean BELTING it out extra loud - unpause -

He gets up from the table and grabs my hand and I am like what are you DOING?!?!?!?  He has this really serious look on his face and THEN it clicks, so I start shaking my head and saying noooooooooo no no no omg no no, omg omg omg omg - literally it was just like that LOL  He pulls me up and then gets on one knee, the restaurant is super loud now and we are right by the window but at that moment I was totally oblivious because now the water works have started.  I cant even hear what he is saying because it is so loud. 

I finally get the courage to open my eyes and I finally hear him say, ok babe, are you gonna say yes, and I think our waitress said it too...then I was finally able to blurt it out all choked up "YES!" 

He gets up and hugs and kisses me and I am just still boo hooing, even now replaying it in my head as I type I am on the verge of tears.  After that my hands were shaking;  I couldnt breathe, my body was betraying me! 

People are saying congrats, women at the other tables are crying along with me.  LOL  It was just CRAZY and AMAZING and just everything all at once.  He got me really good.

I have no idea why this image is coming out so tiny but this was right after the proposal.  Both of us have the teary eye face!

This ring is a family heirloom, it used to belong to my great aunt.  My mother gave it to "the sig" to give to me and I hope one day to be able to pass it on to one of my kids.  :)  And so that was my birthday 2011 style. 

Now I have a wedding to plan!  YAY!!!!

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