Thursday, March 3, 2011

Reality 'beauty' bytes: Can you comb those?

One day I am waiting for our increasingly slow elevator at work.  Normally I take the stairs but I guess I was being lazy that day or I had on heels, whatever the case may be I was waiting...

Waiting with me was one of our resident 'funny' guys in the office.  He is the type of guy that is always "on", always has to crack a joke or say something clever and more often than not he is saying something slightly off cuff but he kinda gets away with it, either from people just being in shock over what he has said or from not trying to prolong the conversation any further.  Overall he is pretty cool, I know, I know it sounds like I just bashed him, but I just wanted to paint a clear picture of his personality.  So back to waiting for the elevator, on the floor was one of those combs that they give you on picture day in elementary school...

Clever Guy: you dropped your comb heh heh heh
Me: uh...nope, not mine
Clever Guy: yeah you probably wouldn't get too far with that huh? heh heh
Me: yeah, probably not...

Thanks First Lady Obama, my sentiments exactly

Now - I could have gone off on him but for what?  I think in this instance I fell into the category of just get this conversation over with so he can get the hell on with his corny azz.  No I cant comb my locs, unless I was combing the locs out but ok and?  Was this an attempt at creating office small talk?  If so, it wasn't very good.  Plus I don't have the time to try and educate each and every person on what locs are, why I don't call them 'dreads', why am I doing this to my hair, why I still consider myself natural even though I like to add some color to my hair every now and again...I could go on and on but I wont.  Just wanted to share this little beauty byte of reality.  Welcome to my world and feel free to share your own!

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