Friday, November 26, 2010

Ready for my close-up!

Well I jumped out there and uploaded a new YouTube vid.  Why not?  I didnt mind it before...ok thats a bit of a lie, I find the editing process a bit tedious but I can deal.  I dont know which direction to take it just yet but I dont like vids with a whole lot of talking, especially just to see makeup being applied.  I need to be getting product knowledge or something so I opted out of that for my vid.  I also sped it up so you dont have to sit through too much.  I am praying to the YouTube powers that be that my sound doesnt get snatched.  I always wonder how people get to keep the music in their vids with no issues - more research to be done it seems.

If you are so inclined check out my YouTube page and stay a while (read: SUBSCRIBE) and if there is something you want to see in particular or you actually want me to do live reviews or watch my friends and I act wild or see me rant, whatever the case may be just let me know and I will do my best to make it happen...within reason.  For your consideration, the vid is below...

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