Friday, October 1, 2010

Its Over...Leave It!

So as you may have noticed once again I have let this poor little blog fall by the wayside once again.  I was on a roll for a second there and feeling proud of myself but then we had a major project come up at work that forced me to get deployed for a few weeks and then reassigned for a good 2 months from my regular position (I am still on my reassignment).  Even more disconcerting than letting the blog go is I let a few readers down.  Remember my Summer Solstice Giveaway?  Well right when I was set to send the prizes out I got deployed and so the gifts still sit in my closet.  I have ever intention of still sending them out but ok its Fall now so I will be adding a little something more seasonally appropriate to apologize for the all around suckiness that has ensued around here since August for the readers who won.

I have decided to move on from TaTB, its suffering because of my day to day life and not to mention that whoever this other blogger is with a similar name to this blog keeps popping up in my Reader and its pissing me off.  I will still blog but I am going to do it under my name (since I own the domain anyway) and I havent decided just yet if it will just be beauty based since I write about beauty for The Examiner or what.  Until I make the final decision I will leave TaTB up and when I have the new blog address I will post a link to it here.  Thank you so much for checking me out, see you soon!

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