Friday, July 9, 2010

FOTD's July 1-9

FOTD for July 5 is missing because I slept in late that day after watching fireworks and when I did wake up to pick up T&T Toddler I just threw on the biggest sunglasses I could find and some clear lipgloss!  LOL  On to the photos!

All I remember is that it was a work day and I wanted to wear green shadow.  I guess this is why its better to do a FOTD each day huh?

Again I don't know, just wanted to wear blue.  It was a regular work day.

Turquoise this time!

My friends and I had a mini cookout just for the five of us and I was in a festive mood so I thought red eyeshadow would suit my mood.

I think this is a vanilla pigment day.  It was July 4th, I know that and I didnt want to be too fussy with the makeup but I wanted a slight hint of color to go with my Niecy Nash flower.

Ok so I cut my face off *smh* but I didnt do much to my face that day anyway because the blush I am wearing is enough.  I love it!  It is so pigmented.  I will be doing a review soon so be on the lookout!  I also dont know why this particular image wont center.  Phooey!

Same blush as before :swoon and a purple liner from the same company that I am not going to reveal just yet but both are MUST HAVES!!!!  I am also wearing Baby Sparks by MAC.  It is my fav gloss of the moment.  Nothing on the skin as I am having a summer breakout issue so the skin needs to take a time out!

This is today!  LOL  Again nothing on my face.  I am wearing a blue liner on my water line by the company that shall not be named right now.  Same one that made the purple liner and blush of my life!  (dramatics) With MAC penultimate on my upper lash line.  On my cheeks is the cult favorite MAC Stereo Rose...I am so trying to love this darn blush but its just not getting me hype.  For one it doesn't show up that well on me.  I see it but its very subtle and since I am really into creme blush and liners at the moment I need the pigment to be SUPER visible.  I don't hate it, I am just not in love with it.  Eh, we shall see.

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