Monday, January 11, 2010

Diary of an MUA: on set talk

This week has been super busy!  So much so that the posts I had in mind to send out got pushed WAY back.  Lets play some catch up this week shall we?

This weekend I had a shoot for an upcoming shoe designer who is launching her website in a couple of months.  She takes a shoe that you purchased a while ago or you think is boring or you just feel like revamping and turns it into a work of art.  Great concept and talented young woman.  You can follow her on twitter or contact her via Facebook for more info.

I wanted to share a few behind the scenes photos as well as the conversation shared amongst the MUAs, stylist and hair stylists.

(fake close up pics are of the models I did - gold and black and the one with the red highlights)

It was a great shoot with a great team!  Not one attitude in the bunch and I loved every single second of it (even though I had to get up at 3a to get to the shoot on time!  LOL)  I cant wait to see the final images.  Also check out the fabulous, talented and HILARIOUS Emore'J Couture on YouTube where he will be posting a behind the scenes video of the shoot.  I did NOT get on camera but the other two MUA's did so you can get an idea of the look and see the fun we had. 

Now the conversation - we were talking about the personalities that you come in contact with in this industry.  One of the MUA's stated that they think they prohibit themselves from some things because they tend to go over the line on set, etc., and that they should probably stay on the line, I chimed in that maybe even behind the line in order to be even more successful. 

I loved it because since I have been pursuing this profession I have come in contact with ALL types.  I used to wonder if I should try to emulate others in an effort to seem more "cool" or "hip" or "insert terminology that best describes the persona here" but you know what?  Ive been doing pretty good just being me.  I dont need to hype myself up to be something that I am not and I dont need to treat people less than in order to edge out the competition. 

As stated on Twitter last week MUAs and artists in general need to treat each other better.  There's enough work to go around for all of us and we need to operate as a COMMUNITY. 

Its funny because I often run into MUAs that proclaim loudly to everyone within earshot that they are "celebrity makeup artist _____" and I think to myself, thats cool but you dont have to cut your eyes at everyone else because truth be told you may very well be a celebrity mua but trust and believe that each time I am at a non paid gig, I sure enough see you there with me not getting paid!  LOL

I say all this to say be yourself and be humble and be friendly!  You will still go far because your talent will show others that you are worthy of the work. 

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